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Rubeus by Portkey

Blazing-fast AI Gateway
Rubeus is an open-source AI gateway that reflects Portkey's commitment to productionizing LLM systems. Engineered for blazing-fast performance, Rubeus can be either self-hosted or set up on edge, serving as a cohesive interface for all LLM interactions.
Rubeus streamlines 20+ LLMs under a unified interace and makes them interoperable so you can swap out a model or a provider without changing underlying code. On top of this, to make your app production-grade, Rubeus adds features like automated fallbacks & retries and load balacing to your systems with a single line code change.
For a detailed overview and list of supported providers, please visit the Rubeus Github repo.

Official SDK

We offer an official SDK for Rubeus with Portkey. This includes extended features around observability and experimentation. Access the SDK documentation here.

Production Features Supported with Portkey SDK

🚪 AI Gateway:

  • Unified API Signature: If you've used OpenAI, you already know how to use Portkey with any other provider.
  • Interoperability: Write once, run with any provider. Switch between any model from any provider seamlessly.
  • Automated Fallbacks & Retries: Ensure your application remains functional even if a primary service fails.
  • Load Balancing: Efficiently distribute incoming requests among multiple models.
  • Semantic Caching: Reduce costs and latency by intelligently caching results.

🔬 Observability:

  • Logging: Keep track of all requests for monitoring and debugging.
  • Requests Tracing: Understand the journey of each request for optimization.
  • Custom Tags: Segment and categorize requests for better insights.