Enterprise Offering

☁️ Private Cloud Deployments Deploy Portkey in your own private cloud for enhanced security and control

🗓️ Custom Retention Periods Set custom retention periods for different users to meet your data storage requirements

💳 Budget Limits on Keys Set monthly or custom budget limits on LLM usage, at provider or Portkey key level

⏱️ Custom Rate Limits Programatically set rate limits at API key level and prevent abuse

🚦 Advanced Routing Route requests based on your custom-defined criteria

🗄️ Data Isolation Ensure the highest level of data privacy & security with isolated storage infra

📑 SOC 2, GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA
Compliances & Certificates Portkey complies with the most demanding industry standards so you don't have to

🤝 Custom BAAs Protect sensitive healthcare data with BAAs tailored to your org's requirements

🔒 SSO (Okta, Microsoft, etc) Portkey has seamless integrations with your preferred Single Sign-On (SSO) providers

❄️ Export to Data lakes Easily export all your data to your preferred data lake for long-term storage

∞ Unlimited Prompts Create & manage an unlimited prompt templates on Portkey

⏰ Unlimited Cache TTL Leverage unlimited caching with customizable Time-to-Live (TTL) settings

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